Bring your Party to life with our Salsa Show! Wether you hire one couple or a whole dance troupe, our salsa dancers have a host of routines prepared to showcase at your event.

A typical show consists of maybe some meet and greet as your guests walk in, followed by presentations that wow your guest, and of course, crowd interaction!

Maybe not for everyone, but definitely for everyone that made their way onto the dance floor and are not getting back off anytime soon.

DSF offers custom shows or presentations. We can prepare entertainment and costuming that is specific for your event. DSF is often contracted by marketing companies engaging in Branding, Product launches, or basic Event Activation.

Dance South Florida employs the top professional Salsa Dancers in Florida. We work with only those seasoned dancers which have excelled at the top Salsa events in Florida and beyond.

We hire only, not only top professional dancers, but top professionals that love what they do, and love to share it with you.

DSF has been in the business for over 20 years, as both a Dance Company and owners of major Salsa Dance Events that are a hub for the top Dancers world wide.

We also love what we do, and love that we do it well, with passion for the art that has provided us with meaning, friendships, relationships, and a means of sustenance. We hope to share this gift with you one day soon.


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